We at Miura Co., Ltd. might be a small company, but our customers are sound corporations, 80% of which are listed companies.
Rather than simply seeking a reputation for profit, our company philosophy is to train staff that can apply proven skills wherever they go.

Recruitment Guidelines

Recruitment guidelines for graduates and experienced workers


Imaizumi Plant: 20-1 Kamitsuru, Imaizumi, Sukagawa-shi, Fukushima

Job Vacancies

  • Wooden mold and metal mold manufacturing base – Few vacancies
  • CAD/CAM operators – Few vacancies
  • Aluminum precision processing – Few vacancies
  • Experienced aluminum casting workers – Few vacancies

Conditions of employment

Graduates’ wages
  • (University) \178,000
  • (Technical college) \172,000
  • (High school) \162,000
Non-graduates’ wages Wages depend on experience, ability, and previous wages
Benefits Overtime, holiday pay, commuting allowance (up to \25,000), family allowance, housing allowance (householder)
Work hours Work hours: 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Breaks: Morning - 10 mins, lunch - 1 hour, afternoon - 10 mins
Bonus Based on graduate’s previous year’s work performance:
Twice a year / Equivalent of 3 months of annual pay
Based on previous year’s work performance after 7 years continuous service:
Twice a year / Equivalent of 5 months of annual pay
Insurance Health, welfare, employment, worker’s compensation, retirement allowance mutual aid
Holidays Weekends (work 1 Saturday a month). Total of 101 days leave a year
Annual paid leave system (5 days consecutive leave can be taken once a year at the requested time).
Mean paid leave: ** days

Application screening guidelines

Required documents Curriculum vitae, certificate of expected graduation, certificate of achievement, certificate of health (accepted by post)
Screening method Written examination (general knowledge / essay), interview, aptitude test