Plastic Molding

In addition to plastic molding with metal molds, we use sand mold casting and wooden mold manufacturing technology and we carry out reaction injection molding (RIM) with a sand mold for small-lot orders.
Because we don’t have to manufacture a metal mold by using this technology, initial investment costs can be minimized and resin molding jobs delivered in a short period.

Manufacturing processes

Pentam resin

We use Pentam resin for RIM molding. The merit of using Pentam resin is that it is a thermoset resin made mainly of dicyclopentadiene, so it can make large and complex molded articles in a very short period.
It has a high property balance and boasts excellent corrosion and shock resistance. Further, because it does not include glass fiber unlike standard FRP resin, it can be recycled and toxic substances are not emitted when incinerated.

Pentam resin
Pentam resin